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"It's Hard To Believe"

A Memorial

Once upon a time, there was a religism known as the Church of the Rotate Your Envelope Stock, founded by The Late Very Left Rev. Oral Groove.

Rev. Groove died Jan. 28, 2002, under highly mysterious circumstances. While it cannot be said that CRYES died with him, such was the charisma of his leadership that his flock felt compelled to deactivate the church indefinitely.

This page and the pages linked to it will serve as a loving, perpetual memorial to Rev. Groove and his vision. That vision, expressed so eloquently in Rev. Groove's "Sermon off the Mount," focused on tolerance of all religious beliefs. He recognized that every individual had the right to construct a system of beliefs and deities that worked for him or her and that all such systems were equally deserving of respect.

Unfortunately, the deactivation of CRYES has also meant closing our franchised missionary centers and an end to production of our popular Home Religism Kits. While our founder has passed from this vale of tears, his ideas and accomplishments live on. The long and eventful history of CRYES -- annual celebrations of Festivus, our Pulpit Exchange, the finding and validation of the Religism Vision -- will never be forgotten by the many lives it has touched.

"Bless you for coming to CRYES. May your preferred deities be always watching your back."
-- The Very Left Rev. Oral Groove (1958-2002)


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